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Like A Chameleon, Can this Technology Really Allow Veterans To Gradually Grow Back Fingers & Toes?

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When the Project Manager lost the tip of his finger in a chainsaw accident at our Shohola, PA property, they asked him why he had his hand in a bucket of John Ellis Water® on the way to the hospital: “My finger doesn’t hurt as long as it’s in the water!” This is how we discovered that John Ellis Water® will relieve PAIN!! Then a few weeks later when he re-turned to the hospital, the doctor was amazed to see THE TIP OF HIS FINGER HAD GROWN BACK; “If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t believe it!!” However, when the doctor was asked for a let-
ter on the results he said: “I would be the laughing stock of the medical profession if I gave you a letter like that!” Now, do you understand why it’s difficult to get this discovery out there in spite of the fact that the parameters are MEASURABLE? IT’S SIMPLE:


The Hydrogen Bond Angle (HBA) between the two hydrogen atoms in ordinary water is around 104º and 114º in John Ellis Water ® which can be MEASURED by SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and yet dis-honest people make fools of themselves by lying about these measurable results… causing millions of people to suffer from PAIN needlessly all over the world!!

How about our Veterans? Don’t they care? In fact, an 80-year-old retired professor with TWO Chemical Engineering Degrees from MIT GROWS HAIR putting this water on his dome AM and PM! A novel way to PROVE it goes through your SKIN (pictures on our website)! ADD TO YOUR BATHWATER and SOAK IN THIS WATER FOR FULL BODY RESULTS!!
Scientists know that anything at 108 HBA (al- cohol) or above will go through your skin like H2O2 at 111º, John Ellis Water ® 114º, ozone 116º and finally Steam at 120º (ordinary distilled is the worst at 101º along with a “FREE WATER REPORT” scam by one of 5 companies cited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission)!

TYPICAL DIABETIC: “I woke up one morning to find my foot had turned black overnight! By the time I received your machine, I was scheduled to have my foot amputated one week later. I was so nervous, I drank your water like crazy and soaked my foot in your water while I watched TV until it turned rosy pink!!” Then he called John Ellis crying with joy: “You saved my
foot! Why did these people lie to me? I would have lost my foot if I had listened to them!” We used to say: “They probably don’t know!” Today, we say: “They probably don’t care!” A sad commentary about “Man’s inhumanity to man!”  As a result, nobody can make our claims for WATER ONLY… just a FEW DROPS treats even today’s filtered/distilled water!! La Salle, CO municipal letter 12 years ago (“un- treatable” waste lagoon): “Only 1,000 gallons got rid of the smell of 10 MILLION gallons of e-coli saving $10,000/day in fines!” (Machines make
TWO types of water) Wells treated ONCE lasted for years! The ANSWER to polluted RIVERS & STREAMS with our LIVING WATER ENVIRONMENTAL FOUNDATION worldwide.
13 Patents, 332 FDA Tests


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Warning-Sign-FP-MEN-(1)Your Water May Be Killing You!
But John Ellis Water has been called . . .

I changed the hydrogen bond angle in ordinary water from 104°  to 114°  . . .

FREE and it has produced over 100,000 lifesaving results . . . it can even pass through your SKIN! (Ordinary water can’t do that!)

Confirmed by Los Alamos & Lawrence Livermore scientists to The Washington Times measured by SEM (ordinary distilled at 101° is the worst along with a “Free Water Report” scam by
one of five companies cited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission). Anything at 108° (alcohol) or above will go through your skin! Measuring the ability of blood (94% water) to go
through a membrane. Take a look at these verified claims .
1 Increases Blood Flow to the extremities measured by Doppler Ultrasound (M.D. independent Research at UCLA Medical). Typical Diabetic: “l soaked my foot in your water and it went from black to rosy pink saving my foot from last minute amputation!”

2DlSCOVERY by an 80-year-old retired professor (TWO MIT Chemical Engineering Degrees): “l put the water on my shiny dome AM and PM. In 2-3 weeks starting with some light fuzz, l now have a full head of hair with the fuzz gradually turning dark!”
3.EBOLA: “Working both inside and outside the hospitals” in Africa resulted from a humanitarian gift!

4. l ranked #1 in the world in the Discus in (Track & Field News, Vol 10 No 12) but gave it up because l knew FDA-approved anabolic steroids (now banned) would damage the heart! l was right and now most of my friends are DEAD, like the inventor who died at 62 after damaging his own heart: “After the abuse by athletes, l wish l never invented anabolic steroids!”
5. ENERGY: Like Electrolysis, the body uses ENERGY to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. At a 114° HBA, it takes very little energy which means the immune system has more energy to fight disease!

6.ELECTROLYSIS: With the camera on the ammeter, it took only 10 DROPS of this water (added to one quart of ordinary distilled) to go down from 31 amps to less than 1 AMP while making the SAME AMOUNT OF HYDROGEN! The key to free energy to heat your home, produce electricity and power your car for pennies!

7.“UNTREATABLE” WASTE LAGOONS: Five-acre municipal lagoon La Salle, Colo. (letterhead) “Only 1,000 gallons got rid of the smell of 10 million gallons of e-coli!” TREAT WELLS, RIVERS & STREAMS!

8.DOLE FOODS: Ordinary water grows mold spores from the soil on fruits and vegetables. After nine months of testing, a seven-
page contract!

Use it on your rugs, furniture and walls! At 85 (it’s a family business), my Living Water Environmental Foundation will be here to maintain the health of our customers 100 years from now!

All claims are made for the
WATER not “a machine device” adjusted at the factory. Thirteen Patents, 332 FDA Tests
www.watercuresanything . com/RonaldReaganStory
Gilbert Daunant [Prince Rainier’s cousin): “l iust walked 40 blocks and I am 95! Send another ES to Monaco!”
ORDER A MACHINE: 845.754.8696 ° LISTEN TO A RECORDING: 800.433.9553


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WATER WARNING!!!    SLOAN KETTERING ONCOLOGISTS:”YOUR WATER HAS MANY AMAZING QUALITIES THAT PRODUCE THESE RESULTS!!” (below, 30 yrs at Sloan). Click “TRUE STORY OF HEALING” (sidebar) IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT KILLS ALL THE VIRUSES (CANCER CAUSING) and FOOD MOLD (mycotoxins found in MOST foods)=DISEASE!! PROOF? DOLE FOODS with 9 months of testing and a 7 page contract I wouldn’t sign!! Ref: Virus & Bacteria Destruction Time Chart (sidebar) RECYLING WATER 100’S OF TIMES/GAL (NOT ONCE!!) THIS  OPENS UP THE HYDROGEN BOND ANGLE (HBA) FROM 104 DEGREES TO 114 DEGREES! ALWAYS DRINK WATER WITH A HBA ABOVE 108 DEGREES (alcohol) BECAUSE ABOVE 108 DEGREES IT ELIMINATES THE SIDE EFFECTS OF TOXINS FROM OUR FOOD SUPPLY WITH SUPERIOR BLOOD FLOW TO THE EXTREMITIES (below)! IT SAVES LIVES!! They are using the water to reconstitute dried blood for the military because of these unique qualities! Also, it EASILY goes through a membrane when ordinary water WON’T!! That’s why ordinary “wrinkle cream” is useless! (Read everything on the sidebar and you will probably buy a machine!). If that’s not enough, how about an “inoperative” cancer patient chart reviewed by the FTC and then returned to us so we can use it on the sidebar (3 out of 4 people will get Cancer; passes easily: Prostate problems!) Unlike ordinary distilled (low energy,don’t drink, 101 HBA below) our machines make TWO TYPES OF WATER i.e. 240 gal/day tap (turn up the flow) and John Ellis distilled (12 gal/day) BOTH with a 114 HBA!! A retired Applied Research Lab scientist, Univ of TX, after buying several E5’s, noted the potency against diabetes, cancer, prostate, alzheimer’s etc: THE WASHINGTON POST Investigation(sidebar:”10,000 people/day and the CURATIVE POWER!!”) which has been upgraded to handle the latest health threats!! Dr G. Abraham MD (independent research, UCLA MEDICAL SCHOOL): “YOU CAN’T DEBUNK SOMETHING YOU CAN MEASURE! We can measure the ability of Water or Blood (94% water) *TO GO THROUGH A MEMBRANE into the cells to the extremities nothing is even close to your water! Your Hydrogen Bond Angle is *114 degrees!!” It has been measured 100’s of times using a SEM (113.8 degrees, rounded off to 114 degrees) or you can do the simple energy test below! The DEQ knows this is the only water that can treat vast quantities of water (even human waste: municipal letters), protecting us from terrorist attacks on water supplies that you won’t realize until it’s too late!! Recording: 800 433-9553; 845 754-8696; 13 patents & 332 FDA Tests, The ONLY method that destroys DEADLY TOXINS with UV AND HEAT plus Distillation 100’s of times/gal (NOT ONCE!!) As a result, this is the ONLY truly LIVING WATER* that provides the EVERLASTING LIFE promised in the Bible!!

Independent Blood Flow Studies – John Ellis Water

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After the above article, G. Abraham MD did independent Blood Flow studies at UCLA Medical School since blood is 94% water: “You can’t argue with something you can measure. Nothing is even close to your water in getting blood to the extremities!” However, charlatans have bought my machines and used my “Miracle Water” on religious TV and since we can measure the 114° HBA we can see if it’s our misbranded water! In some cases, it tests out as tap water!! Also, BOTH ordinary distilled (101° HBA) and ordinary water (104° HBA) have ZERO ENERGY!!  Our °114 HBA water has 3000% MORE ENERGY and we can measure that also (website Ammeter Video adding ONLY 20 DROPS to ordinary water)! 94 year old Gilbert de Daunant (Prince Rainier’s cousin), after shipping a machine to an MD in Africa: “Your water is working against EBOLA both in and out of the hospitals!” Since this energy boosts the immune system,  we want to reach as many people as possible as a humanitarian effort.  Accordingly, I am putting my properties into a nonprofit and using TV  for further outreach. Our gorgeous 418 acre mountain property overlooking the Delaware River is perfect to evangelize this discovery! With its one of a kind Gatehouse and Pavilion including miles of roads with estate lighting and underground utilities to protect the visual beauty, this is a unique setting for visitors. We hope you will join us!     13 Patents 332 FDA Tests