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Warning-Sign-FP-MEN-(1)Your Water May Be Killing You!
But John Ellis Water has been called . . .

I changed the hydrogen bond angle in ordinary water from 104°  to 114°  . . .

FREE and it has produced over 100,000 lifesaving results . . . it can even pass through your SKIN! (Ordinary water can’t do that!)

Confirmed by Los Alamos & Lawrence Livermore scientists to The Washington Times measured by SEM (ordinary distilled at 101° is the worst along with a “Free Water Report” scam by
one of five companies cited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission). Anything at 108° (alcohol) or above will go through your skin! Measuring the ability of blood (94% water) to go
through a membrane. Take a look at these verified claims .
1 Increases Blood Flow to the extremities measured by Doppler Ultrasound (M.D. independent Research at UCLA Medical). Typical Diabetic: “l soaked my foot in your water and it went from black to rosy pink saving my foot from last minute amputation!”

2DlSCOVERY by an 80-year-old retired professor (TWO MIT Chemical Engineering Degrees): “l put the water on my shiny dome AM and PM. In 2-3 weeks starting with some light fuzz, l now have a full head of hair with the fuzz gradually turning dark!”
3.EBOLA: “Working both inside and outside the hospitals” in Africa resulted from a humanitarian gift!

4. l ranked #1 in the world in the Discus in (Track & Field News, Vol 10 No 12) but gave it up because l knew FDA-approved anabolic steroids (now banned) would damage the heart! l was right and now most of my friends are DEAD, like the inventor who died at 62 after damaging his own heart: “After the abuse by athletes, l wish l never invented anabolic steroids!”
5. ENERGY: Like Electrolysis, the body uses ENERGY to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. At a 114° HBA, it takes very little energy which means the immune system has more energy to fight disease!

6.ELECTROLYSIS: With the camera on the ammeter, it took only 10 DROPS of this water (added to one quart of ordinary distilled) to go down from 31 amps to less than 1 AMP while making the SAME AMOUNT OF HYDROGEN! The key to free energy to heat your home, produce electricity and power your car for pennies!

7.“UNTREATABLE” WASTE LAGOONS: Five-acre municipal lagoon La Salle, Colo. (letterhead) “Only 1,000 gallons got rid of the smell of 10 million gallons of e-coli!” TREAT WELLS, RIVERS & STREAMS!

8.DOLE FOODS: Ordinary water grows mold spores from the soil on fruits and vegetables. After nine months of testing, a seven-
page contract!

Use it on your rugs, furniture and walls! At 85 (it’s a family business), my Living Water Environmental Foundation will be here to maintain the health of our customers 100 years from now!

All claims are made for the
WATER not “a machine device” adjusted at the factory. Thirteen Patents, 332 FDA Tests
www.watercuresanything . com/RonaldReaganStory
Gilbert Daunant [Prince Rainier’s cousin): “l iust walked 40 blocks and I am 95! Send another ES to Monaco!”
ORDER A MACHINE: 845.754.8696 ° LISTEN TO A RECORDING: 800.433.9553

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